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   The journal of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences "Pedagogika"
("Pedagogy Studies ") is one of the first publications dedicated to the science studies dealing with the problems of education and based on experimental researches. Eminent Lithuanian and European scientists of educology (education science) publish their works in the journal. The study journal is included in the list of reviewed journals, and its articles are registered in the list of the Lithuanian periodicals and continuous publications recognized by doctor and doctor habilitatus.
   The first volume of "Pedagogika" was published in 1962. Till 1980, the magazine was named "Pedagogika ir Psichologija" ("Pedagogy and Psychology").
   In 1962, Vilnius Pedagogical Institution (University since 1992) published the first magazine of science studies "Pedagogika ir Psichologija".
   By the order of the Rector of Vilnius Pedagogical Institute, "Pedagogika ir Psichologija" was to be a continuous journal, where the reviewed scientific articles were published in accordance with the requirements set for the published papers. The content of the journal was available both in Lithuanian and in Russian. One of the obligatory requirements for publications was the abstract of an article in Russian, English, German or French.
    Since 1980, the journal "Pedagogika ir Psichologija" has been renamed to "Pedagogika".
    Since 1988, the cover of "Pedagogika" has been changed.
   From 1981 to 2002, prof.dr.habil. V.Rajeckas was the chief editor of the magazine.
    Since 2002, the chief editor is prof.dr.habil. Marija Barkauskaite.The last years' volumes of the journal "Pedagogika" have been included into the databases:

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