Žmogus ir žodis
Man and the Word

mdmokslo darbai
research papers

ISSN  1392-8600
eISSN 1822-7805

Studentu str. 39, LT-08106 Vilnius, Lithuania

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  The journal "Žmogus ir žodis" (Man and the Word) consists of 4 parts:

It is published by Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. The journal endeavours to publish significant research articles in the humanities and social sciences on philology, philosophy and educology. All four parts of the journal are published each year since 1999. Papers can be submitted in the Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, French, Italian Polish and other languages. Each volume of the magazine contains information for authors in English and Lithuanian. Manuscripts submitted for publication should contain indication of objectives, aims, methods of the research, results and conclusions. The article is preceded by summary in English and Lithuanian not less than 600 characters in total. The list of references is printed in the end of the manuscript. Each article is reviewed by two persons and discussed at the editorial board. The editorial board consists of foreign scientists, too.

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